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Happy Engineer’s Day! If you are an Engineer, you never know what you can become in future

Are you constantly struggling between assignments, classes, social circle, relationships and life? Sitting in a class full of guys do you feel deprived of getting a sight of any hot girl?

Mugging into the books just a night before the exam like a warrior is going to fight his last battle! And constantly getting irritated by your assignments and family’s taunts of staying up late at nights and then getting kicked for waking up in the afternoon. If this was not enough, getting taunts from your girlfriend (if you somehow manage to get one) for not giving attention to the relationship. Oh yes, learning those computer languages with names as weird as a python?

If reading all this aches your heart a bit and brings tears to your eyes, then my friend you are an engineer! They say “A Happy Engineer is just a myth” and maybe they are right! Only an engineer can understand these daily life struggles, knowing that this is a never ending battle, which will not even stop at the end of these four horrible years! Adding some salt to your wounds are the continuous trolls all over the internet. When you somehow finally overcome the battle of your assignments and clear all your backs, the devil named as placements is right there knocking at your door! So you put on your formals, that kind-of-leash tie around your neck and start practicing some of the flabbergasting adjectives for the question ‘Tell me about yourself’! Okay stop feeling sick of your life and let me remove my devil horns now. Here is the list of engineers who are ruling the world.

Raghuram Rajan: In 1981 he enrolled at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. In the final year of his four-year degree, he headed the Student Affairs Council. He graduated in 1985 and was awarded the Director’s Gold Medal as the best all-round studen.

Kirti Senon: This beauty holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communications

Sushant Singh Rajput: Sushant Singh Rajput was an engineering student in DTU, but later dropped out to make his career in acting.

Ritiesh Deshmukh: Riteish Deshmukh, famous for his comedic timing, is an architect as well as a post graduate in Civil Engineering.

Fawad Khan: This hottie obtained his A-levels from the Lahore Grammar School (LGS) and went on to complete his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) in Lahore.

Arvind Kejriwal: we all know his success story right? Mr. Kejriwal is an IIT Khadagpur passout!

Shankar Mahadevan: Shankar Mahadevan was a Software Engineer before he decided to follow his passion.

Amazing na? But, even these people had to quit engineering someday (Devil horns are back)!
Someone has rightly said ‘There’s nothing in this world an engineer can’t do!’ And no matter how much we troll them, we are able to read this on our screens just because of these amazing engineers. If we start thanking an engineer for their contributions, the list is going to be way longer than the list of their assignments!
So are you planning celebrate your day completing those bundles of assignments? Ummm sorry, cheers to you guys for being so awesome! Happy Engineer’s day.

By: Swapnil Mishra

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