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Happy Birthday DADA, Bengal Tiger turns 43!

Our former Indian cricketer and ex­-captain Sourav Ganguly turns a year older today! Our very own 90’s hero ‘DADA’ has turned 43 years of age. We wish him a very wonderful year ahead and may God bless him with a wonderful life.

Here are some fun facts about our tiger and honestly this is a treat for DADA’s fans:

1) His full name is Sourav Ganguli Chandidas Ganguli, a really long name for one person thou! well, Chandidas Ganguli is his father’s name who one of the most richest men in Kolkata.


2) Ganguly lived a very luxurious childhood and even was nicknamed as ‘The Maharaja’, ask why? Simple, because he lived in a house of 22 rooms and he had more than 22 cars to drive!.


3) Sourav’s first love was not cricket. Shocked? That’s true thou! His first choice was football and even he loved watching football over cricket on television. The fun part is that he wanted to be a football player.


4) Under 15 he scored a century against Odisha and then as a reward, he was made the captain of his School i.e St. Xavier’s cricket team.


5) In 1997 he got married to his childhood sweetheart Dona Roy, his love story is not an easy and ordinary tale. More or less it’s like full on Bollywood masala. Saurav and his darling ran away to get married    because of the rivery of their family and in the end of the families too reconciled.


6) He is a right handed player but he learned to play as a left-hander from his elder brother as he could use his brother equipment to play.


7) He is known as the Prince of Kolkata and even one of the apartments in Kolkata is named as ” Sourav Ganguli Complex.”


8) Sourav is a very religious person as he prays every time before his match. Do you want to know a secret? Well, nothing much but every time after he checks into any hotel he places the portrait of ‘maa kali’ on his bed side.


9) Sourav Ganguli is also very foody, you can’t tell by looking at him thou! But he is really fond of Alu Posto and Chingri Macher Malaikari. Now you will ask what are these then just for your knowledge, they both are very famous dishes of Bengal but his all time favorite dish is “Biriyani”.


10) Now comes the best part, besides of being known for his arrogance ‘dada’ is a very emotional person. He is a totally family oriented man as he still lives in a joint family of over 50 members.



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