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No Fear No Favour

Happy Bhai Dooj to all the siblings! Keeping the rivalry aside let’s give them a tight hug

A brother or sister from the same mother are the bane and the boon of your existence. They will know EXACTLY what will tick you off you in the worst way and do it gleefully. Dangle your precious belongings precariously in front of your face while you watch helplessly? Check. Shirk their chores on to you? Check. Lock you in the bathroom with the hidden spider and turn the lights off? Check. Grievously embarrass you in front of their hot friends? Check. Also love you unconditionally and strangle anyone who has a go at you with the said person’s innards? Check.

Siblings are the first friends you’ll ever make. They grow up with you, squalling and fighting, playing and spending time together. With them around, you’re never gonna be lonely. You can talk to them about random stuff and be yourself with them and they will accept your quirks without judgment. Sure, they will make fun of them and laugh uproariously but let others try to do the same. Just let them. So if you’re away from your sibling and miss them like crazy here’s a trip back into your childhood with them.

1. When you have to watch what your sibling wanted to watch because you just lost the great remote war.

2. When you know you are loosing the fight and then you have to howl out the emergency scream to your parents.

3. When you have ‘Window-wali-seat-meri’ fight almost during every car ride and then mom sacrifices.

4. When your sibling eats the last slice of the pizza or your favourite chocolate which you were hiding in the frigde since last two days.

5. When they try all the new choke-slams and new fight moves on you!

6. When your sibling wakes you up in the morning in the most irritating manner.

7. When your sibling takes your parent’s side instead of yours.

8. When they blackmail you using your secret info

9. When you both have giggling fits over your lamest inside jokes

10. When they irritate the shit out of you just because they are bored

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