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Government to fix the same rate tags for water bottles, snacks, and beverages at malls, restaurant, and airport to deplete overcharging.

Sometimes it feels irritated paying a different amount for the same thing like a water bottle at malls will cost you Rs 20 and the same water bottle will cost you Rs25 at restaurant it depends that the water bottle is same and the brand is same but the price for the same water bottle at different place is different. Which every time pins the mind into the dilemma of confusion that why is this happening.

Govt. has now approved the bill that states that there will be no extra charge for the same products at different places. The government has fixed the same rate tags for water bottles, snacks, and beverages for every place. Issuing an advisory to all state governments, consumer affairs department has stated that there can’t be a two different Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for the same packaged item within a state. reported by Times of India.

Speaking to the newspaper, a senior department official said, “There is no dual MRP provision in the packaged commodity rules and hence state governments must ensure that no one sells packaged items at different prices within a region. In the case of different MRPs, the lowest one will be treated as the actual price.”

The move has come following multiple complaints received about the difference in actual weights and prices of bread than stated by the manufacturers.

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