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‘GetIntimacy and Besharam’ hosts India’s firstever  “Infertility and Mental Health Summit” 

By: Divya Thearia

22 January 2023 (New Delhi): ‘GetIntimacy and Besharam’ organised the firstever “Infertility and Mental Health Summit”  at Huda City Center, Gurgaon on 22 January 2023.

SheWings founder Mr. Madan Mohit Bhardwaj opened the subsequent event with diya lightning ceremony  alongwith Dr. Meenakshi Verma, Tax Officer (GST), Government of Uttar Pradesh, and Dr. Adesh Kumar, Chief Executive and Healthpreneur, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Diya lightening was followed by Kathak Dance by Vaibhav & Vasu Krishna Maharaj, performing Shudh Taal Ang of Banaras Gharana in Teen Taal. Their performance was consisted of Shudh Natwari bols on Banaras Gharana. After Kathak, Raj Prabhakar talked on Birla Fertility & IVF. It was followed by Panel Discussion on Gender Differences in the experience of Infertility by panel members including Dr. Meenakshi Ahuja (Gynaecologist), Dr. Surbhi Singh (Gynaecologist), Dr. Shailendra Goel (Urologist & Sexologist),Dr. Gagandeep Talwar (Urologist & Andrologist), Jayant Sundaresan
(Psychologist) and Dr. Shubank Singh (Centre Head, Medanta – (Panel Moderator).

A Talk was held by Pratiksha Ratna, Founder and CEO of Gravid on “The Conception of Gravid – A platform about Pregnancy,
Parenting and Personal Growth.” It was followed by Panel Discussion 2 on Maternal Mental Health with Panel members Dr. Joffi Chacko (Gynaecologist), Dr. Shelly Singh
(Gynaecologist), Dr. Chirag Bhandari (Andrologist), Dr. Rashi Agarwal
(Psychiatrist), Shreya Mitra (PPD Advocate) and Dr. Parul Upreti Saili
(Mom Influencer – Panel Moderator)

The main objective of  the event was to increase awareness of how important mental health has become and how it has been mostly ignored in previous years. 

Pallavi Barnwal, a well-known sexual and wellness coach, served as the event’s host and ended her remarks by discussing the complicated link between infertility and mental health. After informative remarks of Pallavi Barnwal Panel Discussion 3 was carried out on Pregnancy and Nutrition with
Panel members including Sakshi Arora Hans (Gynaecologist), Dr. Yukti Wadhawan (Gynaecologist), Sakshi Lalwani (Dietician), Archana Batra (Dietician), and Dr. Binti Jhuraney (Health and Wellness
Consultant – Panel Moderator). It was followed by Panel Discussion 4 on “Counselling couples to cope with Miscarriages and IVF Failures.”
With panel members Dr. Nidhi Jha (Gynaecologist), Dr. Shilpi Juneja
(Gynaecologist), Dr. Tuhina Goel (Gynaecologist), Dr. Poonam Nayar (Psychologist) Nupur Agarwal Kalra (IVF Mom, Mom Influencer) and Dr. Preeti Singh (Psychologist – Panel Moderator)

Dr. Gita Arjun, Obstetrician
and Gynecologist explained the importance of miscarriage counseling by saying” “Miscarriage counseling needs to be a specialised discipline which it is not.
Current counseling services are general counselling which doesn’t do justice to the complex trauma caused by loss of a child.”
Dr. Indu Malik, Psychologist
Fertility Dost further talked about space of women in society who can’t conceive as she said ““Women feel like they are lacking in a social acceptance when they
are unable to conceive.”

Dr. Isha Kapoor Obstetrician-Gynecologist
(OBGYN) shared some views sexual problems as she said “Couples who came to hospitals were often hesitant and easily offended when asked about the frequency of
their sexual activity and
spoken to about issues like premature ejaculation.” Dr. Preeti Singh Sr. Consultant Clinical Psychology Chief medical Officer Lissun talked about loneliness faced by couples due to infertility “Are we prepared for before, during and the after maths..of IVF Treatment and so many other decisions it entails in the process for a couple? Infertility can make the couple more lonelier than ever, Some conversations are so difficult…”

Last but not the least, Paper presentation was given by Dr. Amita Puri, Dr. Poonam Nayar and Ms. Purnima Bamel on Psychological Screening for Mental Health Issues Associated with Infertility in India with cultural perspectives.In the end, closing remarks and vote of thanks was given by Pallavi Barnwal, Founder of GetIntimacy. Brands like Clovia Fashion, Gurgoan Moms, Birla Infertility, SheWings Foundation, Laiqa, Iamlove, Haplo Care, Gravid, and Ananta Hemp Works also provided support for this event.

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