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Ghaziabad Girl Makes Public Appeal To Find The Man Who Killed Her Dog!

It’s the most shocking video of today, a dog was brutally killed when a man drove his car over him. The accident took place yesterday, when dog’s owner took dog (sniffer) for a walk, as they were standing outside, a man who is entering the building carelessly, hits the dog with his car. After the incident, Dog owner named Simran Chhatwal, reached out to us and inform about it.

She said, the man who hits her dog is also a member of the society, and when he’s entering the society he speed us his car and ran over my dog. It is a strict order for society members to drive slowly inside the society premise. When confronted the driver about the accident, the driver lied and told her that he was trying to save other dog. However, there’s no other dog in the scene, and the video proves it.

Personal Note – Just because we (humans) have power over fellow creatures (animals), doesn’t mean we chose to take their lives for granted. It is disheartening to know how cruel mankind can get with helpless animals who can’t even protest against the ill treatment.
See the video below.

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