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No Fear No Favour

From India to US, “DAMADS” (son in law) are essential component for running the government, this time US takes the blow

After the congress party son-in-law Robert vadra now US newly elected president Donald Trump also provided the bow of his administration to his son-in-law Jared Kushner so many things are going very equivalent in both the political party.

Recently Donald trump has batted against the wrong allegation i.e. He is trying to get top-secret security clearance for his children, he said in an interview that he had not filed any request for his family special secret security and called it typically the false news story but the same doesn’t lies with his son-in-law Jared Kushner, the smiling sphinx like presence that propelled Mr. trump to victory and is now seen as the kingmaker of policies in the president-elect administration.

Mr. Kushner, 35, was named by Mr. Trump alongside retired general Michael Flynn as his staff-level companions for the daily presidential briefings, according to NBC News, which began on Tuesday.
Mr. Flynn has the necessary security clearance, but Mr Kushner needs to have his approved – something which could take weeks.

Now he will be called as the ‘DEAR LEADER’ of the trump presidential administration.

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