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Freaky Friday: World biggest Chicken Food-Joint KFC is adding scented candles and Nail Polish in their menu!

For someone who dreams of chicken all the time, KFC has a treat in the form of a limited edition scented candle that would emit the aroma of fried chicken. *Takes a long breath*


KFC New Zealand took 11 herbs and spices and thought of making a candle that we think is a souvenir for chicken lovers.

KFC unveiled its new creation on Instagram, where it invited followers to enter a draw to win one by offering suggestions for other KFC merchandise they’d like to see in the world. KFC fans suggested chicken scented lip gloss, KFC knitted chicken drumstick mittens, chicken skin socks, chicken bath soaps and so on…

This is not the only bizarre KFC product. It has also come up with ‘lick able nailpolish’ which can be licked over and over.


Think I’m going to take the candle over the nail polish any day!

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