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Former Sky TV presenter has ‘affair’ with daughter’s friend, divorced cancer surviving wife.

The TV sports presenter Richard Keys is reportedly divorcing his wife of 34 years after she discovered he was having an alleged affair with one of their daughter’s friends. The 59-year-old broadcaster is said to have had a relationship with 27-year-old lawyer Lucie Rose, a lawyer he met in Qatar.

Keys, who previously admitted behaving in a ‘prehistoric way’ towards women, has moved to the Middle East since leaving his job at Sky Sports in disgrace over sexist remarks he made off-air. His wife Julia, who has thyroid cancer, had moved into a villa in Qatar to be with her husband.

But Mrs Keys, a psychotherapist, has since returned to the UK amid accusations her husband had an affair with Miss Rose, who was believed to have been friends with the couple’s daughter Jemma, 31.

The 56-year-old is understood to have confronted her husband before deciding to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Mr Keys and Miss Rose are thought to have been introduced by a mutual acquaintance on the expat social circuit in Doha, the Qatari capital.

Pictures on social media of the lawyer suggest she was a regular fixture of the party scene there. Sources told the Daily Mail it was ‘particularly cruel’ for Keys to behave like this while his wife was having treatment.

Lawyers acting for Mrs Keys submitted divorce papers to a British court in August and have sent papers to Keys and Miss Rose. The presenter is understood to be returning to Britain next week for a meeting with his wife.

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