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No Fear No Favour

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan in a new relaxed makeover!

Here in this picture we can see a much relived former RBI governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan. The smile on this man’s face tells a lot of stories about his struggles during his working period and the relief he got after the resignation. We all know the big controversy that happened because of the sudden exit of Raghuram Rajan from RBI.

Regardless of these controversies, Rajan already had a lot more future plans ahead. Rajan’s plans involved travel and going back to the academia. And he is already doing that with all his heart. Rajan daily routines include a three hour workout and swimming sessions. Looks like after a relief from dealing with country’s economic growth, our former RBI Governor is working really hard and really well for his own growth.
In his last interviews, Rajan said that when he joined he had decided to stay in office for three years and then return to the academia again, because he believed that the longer one stayed away from it, the more difficult it got to get back into it.

He said he would like to stay out of the public arena for a bit and travel around the country, to understand what makes this ‘vibrant, large, immensely interesting country’ tick. Raghuram Rajan is definitely a man of his words as this picture says it all!

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