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Five things that modi should do on his b’day

As we all know tomorrow is the day of world’s most influential leader of 2nd largest country in the world i.e. India. On this occasion our team has proposed a short list of five things that Modi should do on his 66th b’day.

1. Modi ji if you are done with your world tour please spend some ‘me time’.

If I say that Modi has revolved around and throughout the earth more than the moon revolves. Then this will not be the height of gossip because we know that some way it is correct as well. So Modi ji just keep calm and relax for a day because it’s your b’day.

2. Talk to Arvind Kejriwal. Please!
Sometimes it feels like that Kejriwal has joined the politics to oppose Modi but nobody know the fact behind the opposition of Modi by Kejriwal. The reason behind the opposition is only the curiosity of Kejriwal to talk to Narendra Modi. Well, I think that’s why he launched the show talk to AK(Arvind Kejriwal)

3. Respond to your ‘mittron’ with more unique & catchy phrases.
Modi ji we are absolutely done with your punching dialogue “MERE PYARE BHAIYO BEHNO” tryout something new on your birth day to address your well wisher.

4. Spend some time with party veterans.
Modi ji just like Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi after sometime you will also have to join Marg Darshak Mandal with them. So just go & refresh your memories with party veterans on your exclusive 66th b’day. Otherwise they are not going to accept you in their group.

5. Change your style for a day.
As everyone knows you share a very good friendship bond with American president Barak Obama so it’s a humble request to change your outfits from half sleeves kurtas and ‘modi coat’ to American outfit for a single day.

Modi ji no matter what you are going to do on your 66th b’day but we know that whatever you do is always a hit. This article is only the set of five suggestions that you must try. We love you, we respect you and we salute you too.

(This is a satire article)

By: Shivendra Pandey

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