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First Comes love, Then Comes Obesity!

Marriage is supposed be about love and bliss, but it certainly not good for your waistline and weight, most of the times couples gain considerable amount of weight after their marriage. A study published in Obesity in 2012 found that married couples who are together for two or more years are much more prone to gaining weight than single people. According to the study, women who marry in their twenties gain around 24 pounds in the course of the first 5 years of marriage, while men gain around 30. Recent instagram pictures of newly married Bipasha Basu shows that our Bengali bombshell gained some extra pound after marriage. The ‘Alone’ actress is looking more voluptuous than usual, but hey remember what gaining weight after your wedding is called, Being Comfortable and Happy.

But why only married couples gained weight after marriage and on the other hand, unwedded couples who have lived together for just as long commonly don’t go through such problems.

Reason 1. Partners Can Influence Each Other
Married couples eat most of their meals together, so they’re more likely to eat foods that they wouldn’t normally eat because their spouse has a craving for them. In fact, partner influence over eating decisions is a large factor in weight gain after marriage.

We break down our 5 reasons why married couples gained extra weight after marriage.
Reason 2. ‘Attraction’ factor is gone.
Study shows that people who are dating are more likely to stay slender to keep the attraction of their partner as compare to married couples. Couples who are happy, satisfied and secure in their married life are more likely to gain weight because the pressure to attract their significant other is gone.

Reason 3. Priorities changed!
With more responsibilities on your head, couples start spending less on gym memberships and more on their children’s tuition fee.

Reason 4. Constant Sex is constant.
Though, sex burns the calories but it is also responsible for your heavy morning breakfast. Acc. to ‘Obesity’,regular sex also plays a huge factor in gaining extra pounds for newly-married couples as they often take little heavy breakfast the next morning. Atleast sex is there, right!

Reason 5. Pregnancy
Well it is majorly for women, who have to carry their bellies around only because they want a family and if your not Carile Kloss or Miranda Kerr, it is usual to gain some weight during pregnancy .Men are lucky enough in this case, phew!.

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