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No Fear No Favour

Why this top lingerie store is struggling to even survive in the market?

Byline By – Nitisha Nagpal

Lingerie might be or might not be a women’s eat friend but it for sure serves it’s own purpose.

Gathering millions of views every year, the Victoria Secret fashion show enjoyed its own sweet time. Identifying their models as ‘Angels’ the show initially started to boost the sale of alluring lingerie.

Let us quickly visit the history of the one of the most loved brand.
Founded in the year 1977, by Roy Raymond who at that time got embarrassed to shop for wife’s lingerie. It was founded to encourage and appeal men to shop for women’s lingerie. Owned by the parent company L Brand which previously has developed many retail business acquired the brand in 1982. He aim was to form a grip over the market and compete while offering eye luring products.

The brand started it’s fashion show in the year 1955 in New York. The popularised ‘Babydoll’ are one of the most recognised lingerie item by the brand. Huge wings, top models, sensational musicians, long ramp, those extra set ups have made the brand stand out. It has been really successful in capturing both male and female gaze.

Sitting on the throne comes with a lot of cost we guess. Eventually the show shut down after 23 years of successful running. If sources are to believed, the consumers are loving brands such as third love over Victoria secret due to their larger product range and including everyone. The stereotypical image of lingerie is molding its reputation thanks to functional brands.

The ideal body type oh god don’t wanna discuss that in the 21st century. One of the cumbersome flaw of the brand is that it failed to understand the body type of regular women, not everyone is roaming around with a flat stomach and toned abs. I mean obviously we would all want to flaunt a body like that of a supermodel but it is practical to everyone to look the same height, color, shape, size etc? The honest answer is no. Another reason might be the statements that brand put out in the market. One of which is that the brand do not support transgender and plus sized women and believe that they can not sell the fantasy the brand wants them to. One of the top transgender beauty influencers, Nikita Dragun took it to personal and filmed an attractive lingerie video in response. Eventually, the brand apologised but guess what the salt is everywhere now.

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