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Texting is old, People are using Facebook live and Periscope while driving.

Texting while driving is now a thing in the past for people in United States. As many people there are now using Facebook Live and Periscope while driving a car.

Stanley Roberts, host of “People Behaving Badly” segment for KRON 4 Channel, found 2 motorists engaging in a video chat while driving a car. Roberts actually has a fancy name for this video chats, he referred to it as Face-Driving and Peri-Cruising. On the clip above you can see one lady driver is doing her hair and showing of her tattoos on Periscope and other one is pastor who is trying to recruit some member for his church on Facebook Live. Robert follow up stories confirmed that both drivers deleted their video shortly after the topic is making media rounds, but felt disappointed after knowing nothing can be erased permanently from the web. Live-driving cases backfired several time in the past, one such incident is when last year Columbus Deputies arrested 28 years old Dustin L. Rittgers, they say he posted a Facebook video of himself driving while drinking alcohol.

Another Facebook related incident in happened in Florida, when three men posted footage of themselves in a car and showing spoils of an alleged burglary. Police later arrested two out of three men and said it’s all done because of their Facebook Video. Also in Florida last year, one motorist Whitney Bell was arrested for using Periscope while drunk-driving. She even titled her stream ‘Drunk Girl Driving’.
22 states in United States like Washington DC,New York, New Jersey, Vermont, California etc prohibits all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. We advised our readers not to use cell-phones while driving.

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