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Exclusive Report: I met Varun Gandhi in London 8 years ago and now I don’t even have his mobile number claims businessman Abhishek Verma

Some exclusive reports coming to NewsLeakCentre, A letter dated 8th July 2012 addressed to Pulok Chatterjee, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh reveals that “a scion of Gandhi Family” was involved in three major defense deals amounting to billions.

These defense deals involve Hawker Beechcraft, USA, Rheinmetall AG, Switzerland, Sig Sauer Inc, USA.

The letters reveal that Arms dealer Abhishek Verma arranged dinners with this Scion for top representatives of these three arms supplying companies all of whom were bidding for the multibillion dollars worth of defense contracts with the Indian government. During such dinners, this scion (Varun Gandhi) would impress these companies to pay Abhishek Verma some money to lobby for their defense contracts.

To substantiate his claims, Edmond Allen has annexed an itinerary for top executives of Sig Sauer, the USA visiting New Delhi between 5th to 7th December 2011.

The agenda for 6th December 2011, shows that amongst a number of meetings a meeting of top representatives of Sig Sauer was arranged with Mr. Gandhi, Member of Parliament (Scion of Gandhi Family) at his residence in New Delhi between 3pm and 4pm.

We contacted Abhishek Verma about the issue, the arms dealer said he was in prison for past 6 years and had no contact with Varun Gandhi in the mean time. Verma said “I met Varun Gandhi, 7 or 8 years earlier in London, since then we haven’t met with each other. I don’t even have his number; this whole allegation by Edmond is baseless”.
Varun Gandhi also claimed that he met Abhishek Verma in London when he was studying in college, and never heard about him since then.

Meanwhile, NewsleakCentre has some of the important texts in the email exchange between Abhishek Verma and Edmond Allen,

o AV to ED — “I am with Junior Gandhi for dinner with Anca and her friend Nicoleta for dinner, I will call you in two hours”
o AV to ED — “ Mr. G (Varun Gandhi) was partying at my farmhouse last weekend, Sent you one of his photos…Anca and Arjun were there too…he was burying his head in beautiful Russian bosoms who were hired for the night last week to entertain him.
o AV to Nicholas Taube + ED – “After spending the evening with me with the presence of MR Gandhi junior Frederick was cooked and primed…Sam will send u a status update…Frederick was like can I suck your cock, I really want to suck your cock to do business with you”.
o Sam, please circulate a meeting on minutes and conclusion drawn and understanding reached with Frederick. Kindly exclude ‘G Junior’ references in the MoM. Anca has the pix of yesterday, I will approve some and she will circulate 2-3 pix to this group.

Note – According to the mail from Abhishek Verma, Fredrik is the Director of Cybaero AB…Swedish Company which makes UAV’s Heli’s and he is also the Swedish agent of Griffon Hovercraft.

The other meetings arranged by Abhishek Verma were of Pallam Raju Minister of Defence, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Joint Secretary, MHA (Police Modernization), DG Special Frontier Force, Mr. Vivek Rai, DG (Acquisition), Ministry of Defence.

Regarding Hawker Beechcraft Edmond Allen has annexed a copy of the statement of Chase Bank (San Antonio), USA maintained in the name of Ganton Ltd. a company being operated upon by Mr. Edmond Allen on behalf of Abhishek Verma which clearly shows that an amount of US $1.35 lakh was transferred to this account on 24th August 2010 by the company Hawker Beechcraft.

This document was a part of another letter dated 30th June 2012 which was also addressed to Pulok Chatterjee complaining that certain CBI officers especially one Mr. Ramnish were not taking any action against Abhishek Verma on the sensitive information pertaining to Defense Forces of the country supplied by Edmond Allen.
Regarding the payment of 5.30 lakh dollars as 10 percent commission on the total deal to bribe Indian government officials to avoid Rheinmetall AG, Switzerland being blacklisted, CBI registered a case against Abhishek Verma, after a case of PMLA was registered by ED.

Much to the debate, however, No investigative agency has made any effort to find out who is this scion of Gandhi family and what was his role in these defense deals.

Our Investigations also revealed that, In both the letters dated 30th June 2012 and 8th July 2012 addressed to Pulok Chatterjee the subject of the letter refers to inaction by both CBI and CVC officers to investigate links between notorious arms dealer Abhishek Verma and certain CBI officers (Ramesh/Neeraj Kumar) whom he alleges to have close links with and names of two officers have been specifically mentioned and instances given. Yet no action appears to have been taken by CBI/CVC against them.

Why is Varun Gandhi involved?

Well, the answer is Varun Gandhi, 36, used to be a member of the high-profile Defence Consultative Committee. The report quotes senior BJP leaders clarifying that classified information on defense is not shared with members of the parliamentary committee.

Here are the exclusive documents.





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