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Ever wondered why Men and Women shirt buttons are on different sides, it has cool history behind it.

If you’ve ever accidentally tried on a shirt intended for the opposite gender, you no doubt figured it out as soon as you tried to button the buttons. Why do clothiers put the buttons for men and women on the opposite side of the shirt? Why Do Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button on Different Sides?

Though there’s no accurate historical record or museum with an exhibit devoted to buttons (and/or factual logic as to why a person’s sex would have anything to do with said buttons’ orientation), most sources seem to cite the same simple rationale that dates back over a century. Yes the mystery is centuries old!
Men’s buttons are on the right side because men have always tended to dress themselves and most men (and women, for that matter) are right-handed.

Women’s buttons are on the left side because years ago (say, during the Victorian Era), the women that could afford fancy clothing with a bunch of buttons would rely on maids to help dress them. So, if a servant (most of whom, naturally, would be right-handed) is going to routinely buttoning up a shirt/dress for someone else, that servant is going to prefer to have the buttons on their right side (which would be the left side of the garment).

So that’s why there’s a difference in buttons in men’s and women’s clothing.

BY: Saket Sharma

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