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No Fear No Favour

You will be shocked to know whose the one woman Karan Johar fell in love with.

How many of you wondered whether your best friend in school secretly had a crush on you, and would one day want to cast you in their debut film as the leading lady? Confused?

Well, you know, we’re talking about the age-old friendship between Bollywood’s launchpad aka director Karan Johar and a self-proclaimed ‘Mrs. Funnybones’ aka Twinkle Khanna!

For all of you who don’t know, the two have been pretty tight since they shared a friendship inside the walls of a common boarding school. Just like any camaraderie during those innocent childhood days, their friendship was full of sarcasm, wit, leg-pulling and of course, lots of love.

Karan Johar went on record to admit that he was in love with her at that time (aww!) and she is the only ‘woman’ he has ever had those feelings for.

“She has the rare distinction of having that prestigious part in her historic life, that she has made me fall in love with a woman the only time in my life. And of course, my heart was broken years later when she refused my debut film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She proclaims she did me a favour by doing so because she actually went on and helped Rani Mukerji who finally ended up doing the part ” the director added in good humour.

True to her book’s title, Twinkle obviously had a witty comeback to the statement.

“Karan has confessed that he was in love with me. I had a little moustache at that time and he used to look at that and say ‘That’s hot, I like your moustache’,” she said, during the unveiling of her book ‘Mrs Funnybones’. An embarrassed Karan retorted with—“I will slap you 377 times!” #FriendshipGoals

Karan Johar has expressed his admiration for Twinkle many times, and openly declares his faith in her as a writer, and a human being. He quoted, “There was no shock or surprise that she went on to become such a popular cult figure on the pop culture writing so soon. In all, she made a huge impact with her columns in DNA and subsequently her book comes out which is worth more than just reading. It’s like entertainment unplugged, just like Twinkle Khanna always is.”

Twinkle on the other hand, described what Karan means to her in the most unique was possible, and obviously… it was hilarious AF.

At the end of the launch, Twinkle thanked Karan Johar with this: “He is like the hundred rupee note – always in your pocket but it’s only in crunch time you realise how valuable it is,” she quipped.

While Twinkle is a happy home-maker enjoying wedded bliss with hubby Akshay Kumar, and her two children, Karan Johar has also moved on to the next chapter of his life, when he welcomed his twin babies—Yash and Roohi (via surrogacy).

Well, not all heartbreaks have to end badly, right?

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