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No Fear No Favour

The trailer of Escape Room 2 is out and it is looking deadlier than ever!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

With a budget of only $9 Million but securing $155.7 Millions in the box office was a movie released in the year 2019 called ‘Escape Room’. It was directed by Adam Robitel and is packed with genres like psychological horror, thriller, and mystery. The movie follows a story of six people from different aspects of life compete in an escape room competition for a shot at winning $10,000. but when they find themselves in dreadful situations, everything changes. The movie secured 6.4/10 on IMBD, 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 48% on Metacritic.

The first movie leaves the audience with a cliffhanger and thus the sequel of it was a much anticipated matter.

After waiting for a long time, trailer for the sequel is finally released. ‘Escape Room: Tournaments of Champions’ is the sequels’ name which will be releasing on 16 July, 2021 and here is what I think!

By the looks of the trailer, it takes the continuation of the first part as the second installment follows the journey of the survivors from the first part coming together with a plan to stop the people of the Minos’ Escape Room but soon enough they find themselves involved in another escape room of Minos with 4 other people. It promised a very ‘sending chills down your spine’ feeling. More riddles will take the space in it and will probably keep us hooked. The creation of each rooms with different puzzles is brilliant and is getting deadlier with each second, also it’s fascinating that how they were created to kill the champions. There is a glimpse of the falling plane room from the previous part teased in the trailer. Although the movie is somewhat like SAW, I still believe the movie has such electrifying scenes.

For my final thoughts, I believe the visuals and cinematography are stunning like the previous installment but as an avid fan of the psychological and survival genre my expectations with the second installment is very high as I personally felt the first part lacked potential even though the concept seemed quite good and kept my eyes hooked on the screen. It failed to engage me with the characters. I hope that this sequel doesn’t disappoint me, so fingers crossed till the movie is out. On a side note, I am still very much excited to watch it and I ended up loving the first part as well.

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