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Is baba Ramdev is also corona positive: know here

Yoga guru baba Ramdev is now trapped by corona. A total of 83 people found corona positive in three different institutions of Baba Ramdev. Of these 46 have been found in corona infected Patanjali yoga peeth, 28 in yoga grams and 9 in corona infected acharyakulam. According to the reports, there are no corona positive cases in Baba Ramdev’s institution’s claim by tijarawala. He claimed through his Twitter handle that covid reports found by the media of Baba Ramdev are false.

Corona is increasing all over the country. The number of infected is increasing daily not only in Mumbai or Delhi but everywhere. In Uttarakhand 3998 positive case have been reported in a day. There are 26980 active cases in the state.

Now let me tell you bab Ramdev has made medicine of corona name coronil. He said that covid will now be treated with patanjali’s coronil tablet which was also accepted by the Ministry of AYUSH as a corona drug.

Baba Ramdev said, ‘When we worked to give life to millions of people through coronil, many people raised questions. Some people feel that research work can only be done abroad. Research on Ayurveda is suspected much.” Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that there should be no doubt about the authenticity of Ayurveda and Baba Ramdev. 

Now the question is why baba Ramdev did not provide this tablet to Patanjali yoga peeth, yoga gram and acharyakulam. Is this coronil is just a product?

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