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“I like experimenting i want difficult & challenging roles” – Vicky Kaushal

“I like experimenting i want difficult & challenging roles – Vicky Kaushal

With the release of Uri:The surgical Strike, Vicky Kaushal has gained a lot of eyeballs. His social media followers are increasing day by day. The actor made his debut in “Masaan” and was also seen on “Sanju”.

“I am a very safe person, I’m that guy who has one favourite flavour of ice-cream, he will go to the same ice cream parlour daily and will order that one single flavour. But I now want to experiment with it. I want roles which are difficult”, he said in an interview with GQ India’s March 2019 issue.

He further added, “ I want to be open, like a magnet. To attract things which obviously are good scripts. The day I limit myself telling that this is the only genre I’m going to work, or this is the only role, then it will become a problem for me”.

He also shared shared his tactics which he uses while playing a particular role. According to him, he notices people and tries to understand their body language. If he finds someone interesting, he then follows them and even takes video.

“I have done that many time, if I like a person’s body language, I take video or I follow him till I understand him. I have a lot of videos . He further added his body language in Sanju movie is inspired by a person whom he didn’t know.

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