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No Fear No Favour

Hilarious! A Deceased Man being Remembered by two different wives in his sixth death anniversary. Read to Know more-

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Peeps! You must have seen people having extramarital affairs or infamous two best friends having the same girl as a wife but, surprisingly, you wouldn’t have heard a story that has a person’s Obituary advertisement having remembrance message from his two different wives.

A hilarious story has gone viral when a deceased Surindar Kumar Gupta was being remembered by his two different wives after six years of his death.

Yes, you read it right!

The above picture clearly states that Surindar Kumar Gupta was been remembered by both the wives Mrs. Gulshan Gupta and Swaran Lata Gupta on his death anniversary.

Meanwhile, Netizens have set the social media abuzz by putting their views on the matter.Some are claiming what if both the wives were not aware of each other’s presence.While some claims this is just a property dispute between his daughter and his son.

Check out their reactions-

Surindar Kumar Gupta died way back in 2014, and both the families remembered him on his death anniversary recently.

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