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BTS turns 8 and social media is getting bombarded with #BTS8thYearAnniversary!

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BTS, has become the world’s biggest boy band and is loved by so many, the boyband BTS turns 8 Years old and on this precious day BTS fans, the ARMY members are ensuring and showing their love and support for their favorite K-pop lad by trending numerous tags pertaining to the K-pop group which continued to keep its place on social media.

To honor such occasion, The boyband BTS will organize a two-day fan event to commemorate its eighth debut anniversary, according to the group’s agency.

Just like an online concert which took place earlier this year, now BTS is preparing for the 2021 MUSTER Sowoozoo, which will actually occur today and tomorrow, June 13 and 14th, and will be a massive online concert that ARMY members from everywhere in the globe will be able to witness.

The star of the upcoming event will be on interacting with fans unlike the technology like augmented reality and extended reality, as seen earlier in the septet’s concerts.

โ€œThe focus will be on presenting the liveliness of the scene as if fans watching from their screens were taking part in a lively festival.โ€

Supporters will, however, be able to use technologies such as a multi-view screen and “ARMY on Air,” which displays fans’ faces on stage-mounted screens.

BTS began in June 2013 with its first single “2 Cool 4 Skool,” which has gone on to top the Billboard hit and has topped the charts with songs like Make it right, Butter, Dynamite, Boy With Luv and etc!

The fans are really happy and overjoyed with their 8th anniversary and can not keep their hands down from tweeting! Check out some of the reactions!

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