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Juhi Chawla Has Filed a Suit Against 5G in India, says It Is Extremely Harmful and Injurious!

Byline by- Aaliya Sultana

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While India is planning to launch 5G network in the upcoming years and is believed to be an advancement to the society, the famous Actor, Entrepreneur and Environmentalist Juhi Chawla thinks so otherwise because she has lodged a lawsuit to restrict 5G from being launched in India.

She stated “We are not against the implementation of technological advancements. On the contrary, we enjoy using the latest products that the world of technology has to offer, including in the field of wireless communications. However, whilst using the latter kind of devices, we are in a constant dilemma, because after doing our own research and studies regarding the RF radiation from wirefree gadgets and network cell towers, we have sufficient reason to believe that the radiation is extremely harmful and injurious to the health and safety of the people”

According to her spokesperson, it seeks a certification from defendants to certify that 5G technology is safe for humans, men, women, adults, children, infants, animals, and all other types of organisms, as well as flora and fauna, and to produce their respective studies regarding RF radiation from mobile cell towers, if they haven’t already done so.

As per her point of view, If 5G technology is implemented, people and animals would be exposed to radiofrequency radiation (RF) at a rate that is 10 to 100 significantly greater than what it is now.

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