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Bigg Boss: No Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relationship Between Us Says Anup Jalota

Veteran devotional singer Anup Jalota, the latest to be evicted out of reality television show Bigg Boss season 12, says Jasleen Mathur is not his girlfriend.

Jalota participated in the show with 28-year-old Jasleen, who has been touted as his ‘girlfriend’.

According to the sources after his eviction in an interview People are not able to understand our relationship. We don’t have any kind of love story. We just share a musical relationship. She is my student and I am her teacher. I help her in learning music.

He said, “Ours is a very pure and musical relationship. And I think it’s above love. My relationship with Jasleen is not physical but spiritual. Outside the show, we have been to each other’s house only a couple of times. During our stay, we got to talk and spend time together. And I can confidently say, our bond has become stronger. I hope it continues to be so forever.”

“It was a mind-blowing experience. It also helped me improve my health. I don’t remember when was the last time I had slept for eight hours. In the six weeks that I was in the house, I slept and ate well, got to workout and have also lost four kilos. I think if I would have stayed there for a longer period, I would have replaced Salman Khan as the host,” he said with a laugh.

Wild card entrant and Bigg Boss Marathi winner Megha Dhade played a pivotal role in Anup Jalota’s nomination. Sharing that she regretted putting him in danger, the 65-year-old said, “She was feeling sad about it and even apologised to me. She told me that initially she couldn’t understand me compared to others. And it’s ironical that Megha nominated me for being self-conscious. A person who has a good will and reputation would obviously not want to destroy it over petty fights on a reality show.”

Anup concluded by saying, “I have earned huge goodwill and respect in my decades long career. Fighting does not suit me. I cannot abuse someone and cannot even take any abuse from someone. So, I think that’s where I lacked and was not able to impress the audience. But I had a lifetime experience in the house. I will miss everyone.”

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