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Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan, Shardul Pandit Slams Rakhi On Her Stint With Abhinav

By: Devanshi Thakkar

Several ex Bigg Boss contestants and television actors have come in support of Abhinav Shukla who has been facing leud behaviour at the hands of Rakhi Sawant.

Bigg Boss 14 is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. In a recent promo episode, Rakhi Sawant was seen pulling the strings of the Abhinav Shukla’s shorts which did not go down well with the netizens. Following this incident, #HeToo started trending on twitter.

However, Abhinav did not find any support from host Salman Khan over Rakhi Sawant’s indecent behaviour towards him which really upset him. Soon after the incident, many of his industry colleagues including former co-contestants spoke up for him on social media. Recently, Rahul Mahajan and Shardul Pandit tweeted on the same.

Rahul Mahajan, a former Bigg Boss contestant, came out in support of Abhinav and slammed Rakhi’s actions as ‘cheap’. He tweeted, “#RakhiSawant is cheap and people who still support her are maha cheap.”

Calling the incident ‘disturbing’, evicted Bigg Bos 14 contestant Shardul Pandit wrote on Twitter, “So a woman can touch a mans nada?? What if we reversed the situation . This is disturbing, appalling ,not funny and vulgar.”

Srishti Rode of Bigg Boss 12 also tweeted on the incident and supported Abhinav Shukla.

On the other hand, some celebs sided with Rakhi Sawant in the incident. One of them was former Bigg Boss contestant, Kishwer Merchant. She tweeted, “Rakhi ke aane se pehle what was Abhinav doing in the house ? All Rubina fans please answer.”

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