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After Sonu Sood, B-Town actress Swara Bhaskar holds the steering wheel of migrants

Swara Bhaskar helping migrants

After Sonu Sood, actress Swara Bhaskar also walks on the same path to help migrants workers. After returning to Delhi from Mumbai, Swara launched an initiative to help the migrant workers.

Along with her team, she collected the data of people wanting to go back home and took help from the Delhi government to ensure the workers get train tickets.

Nil Battey Sannata actress said she felt “ashamed” sitting in her comforting home and not doing anything for the lakhs of migrant workers who were pleading for help. Her guilt pushed her to go out and help, she told Times Now in an interview.

“At a time when lakhs of people are out on the streets, facing extreme hardship, I feel ashamed sitting at home.” Bhaskar said in an interview with Times Now, pointing at the “defects in our system”.

She has so far helped 1,350 workers to get back to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from Delhi. “A team is also working on grounds to provide the migrant workers leaving from Mumbai with packet food, water bottles, and slippers. 1000’s of migrants have got help from the actor’s team,” a source told Pune Times.

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