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4 Skin care tips for dry skin in winter season

The chill of winter is back with bouts of dryness, allergies and itchiness and redness on our bodies. So how does one tackle this beauty hitch with smart and durable move? Whilst we usually depend on moisturizers and creams and completely ignoring other elements that will help to beat winter dryness and other skin issues. Following are some tips that will surely help you to beat winter dryness:

1.Use Natural Moisturizer

Instead of using chemical moisturizer you should use natural moisturizer to pamper your skin like butter, olive oil, coconut oil and honey.

2.Avoid using cosemetics

Ditch cosmetics that lead to dryness, matte drying lipsticks, powder blushes etc.. because many them contains harmful chemicals which is dangerous for your skin.

3.Natural Toners are best for skin

Discover homemade toners and scrubs. Dry skin would do better with a mask of lemon drops with milk powder and glycerin. These masks can be applied once or twice a week for shine and glow.

4.Oral supplements

Besides tropical products, a few oral supplements also help combat dryness. These include collagen, sodium hyaluronate, anti-oxidant agents like coenzyme Q10 beta, carotene, zinc and seleum. Oral supplements for fatty acids such as omega3,6,9 in diet further help to improve hydration of skin.

By line: Divya Thearia

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