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Love Is Love: Pride Parade Unites People With Love And Acceptance, Adds Value To Indian Cities

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

May 29, 2022 (New Delhi): Pride Months Is Going On with excitement, and bringing colors of love to every city. The LGBTQIA community celebrates Pride Month in June month to increase visibility and support. Pride parades and marches were held in different Indian cities in support of the LGBTQIA community. Even though this phenomenon has been primarily seen in the west, it is also the fact that India is catching up, with pride parades happening across the country. Such parades are a combination of political activism and a celebration of everything the LGBTQIA community has attained over the years.

The Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk (KRPW) is considered the oldest pride walk in India and South Asia. It was organized on 2nd July 1999. The walk was called ‘The Friendship Walk’. Although pride parades take place throughout the year in India, pride month is when the majority of them occur. This gives representation to pride community people which have a unique sexual orientation. The pride parade extended its representation to the city of Chennai. The parade was held on Monday, where members and allies of the community came together to mark Pride Month and participated in the ‘Chennai Rainbow Pride and Self Respect Walk 2022’ at Langs Garden Road in Egmore. The parade beautifully brings in light the value of true love, acceptance, and how love sees no gender and boundaries.

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