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Durex’s new condom flavor is going to blow your minds!

Durex’s new innovation is totally going to make a ‘bharta’ of your minds! When it comes to condoms, innovation is the only key to success for these companies. But the method way Durex has tried to win this rat race is definitely the weirdest innovation ever. In a world where chocolates and strawberries are the most preferable flavors, Durex has launched a eggplant flavored condom! And the internet just cannot handle it. The condom manufacturers tweeted about this totally out-of-the-box innovation with a picture of the new condom box. Soon after the tweet the twitteratis went crazy over this and the company had to handle loads of ‘Baingan ka bharta’ jokes.

While a lot of people are taking this innovation to be more humorous than being useful, others are not taking this as a really good business strategy. All we hope is Durex is not really serious about this. As we Indians are not at all fond of baingan being served on our plates or in the bed!

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