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Due to the fear over data leaks: Punjab and Haryana HC ban’s social media

Social media is addictive and everyone knows that. Punjab and Haryana High court today took a drastic big step and banned all the social media in the court premises. When court’s orders came people started going haywire. The High court gave these orders only for the court staff as the constant use of these app’s at the work place, was hampering the quality and seriousness of work.

Not only this but the fear over the data leaks was also one of the major reasons and few cases of the important information was being leaked out. People were surprised as the orders were with the immediate effects. In many of the countries, there is a total ban on the use of social media in the workplace.

After this ban now the question arises that is the internet and social media bad for us and are the people misusing the liberty of social media?

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