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Do you know maintenance cost of a BMW is 12,03,100 Lakhs? Maybe that’s the reason why Dipa Karmakar has returned it!

Have you ever thought of maintenance of a gift item before gifting it up to someone? Dipa Karmakar will make you think so! The strong lady has now again taken a stand for herself and is returning her BMW car as she can’t maintain it! And why not, the actual maintenance cost of an average BMW is $17,800 which costs around 12 Lakhs!! A very big amount indeed for an average middle class Indian, regardless that she represented us in Olympics!


Two months after her inspiring performance at the Rio Olympics, Dipa Karmakar is in the middle of a tricky situation. The Indian gymnast, who finished fourth in the vault category in Rio and put India on the global map of gymnastics, is now returning one of her presents she received on her return to India. Dipa alongwith India’s two medallist from Rio, PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, received a BMW car each in September. However, soon Dipa will return her car to original owner V Chamundeswaranath, president of the Hyderabad Badminton Association, owing to maintenance issues.

“Roads in Tripura are not good enough to drive such a vehicle. There are no capable drivers in Agartala town to drive a BMW and the company has no showroom or service centre in the state,” Dipa’s father Dulal Karmakar told HT.
Dipa’s BMW XI costs around Rs 30 to Rs 35 lakh.

He said the choice will be limited to auto companies that have showroom and service centres in the gymnast’s hometown but added that they were yet to decide on a particular car.
Dipa was not available for comments as she was busy training for the Challenger’s Cup in Germany next month.
Hyderabad Badminton Association president V Chamundeshwarnath they were ready to replace the BMW car with any other car that Dipa considers fit for Agartala roads.

“She called me to say there was no BMW service centre at Agartala and wanted to know what the way out was if there was any damage to the car or it had to be taken for servicing. I took it up with Sachin Tendular and he immediately brought the issue to the notice of the BMW authorities,” he told

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