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DM surprises a rickshaw puller with ‘Iftari’ at his house!

There is a famous saying, ­’God can knock at your door­step anytime’ you must have heard this phrase. Something similar had happened with rickshaw puller Nizamuddin when the local District Magistrate and his wife were at his door step for ‘iftaar’ celebration.



Nizamuddin and his family were about to break their Ramzan fast, when DM Zuhair­bin­Sagheer and his wife Ayesha knocked their door and joined them for ‘Iftaar’. They both sat down on the floor with rest of the family members, and also gave them some new clothes and sweets.


District Magistrate and his wife had met with Nizamuddin while giving ‘zakat’ a few days ago,and they decided to spend some time with his family for ‘Iftaar’. The officer said­ “….It is the duty of the public servant to listen to the grievances of poor and help them”. Nizamuddin said with teary eyes that he is very touched by the sweet gesture from DM and his wife.

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