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Dinosaur fossil T-rex gets wings; flies along with a passport!

So here’s some disheartening news for all the teenagers who are nowadays living with a passion of travelling across the globe but could not even get access to a passport. You all are now going to envy a dinosaur fossil! Yes, you read that right. While the airlines in India are still not over the scams and frauds, the Royal Dutch Airlines are creating buzz by making a dinosaur fossil experience the modern air travelling from Chicago to Amsterdam that too with a proper passport.

The 66 million year old Tyrannosaurus rex traveled all the way from the United States to its new home in Netherlands. The 13 meter long skeleton which weighted 6000 kilograms was transported from Chicago to Amsterdam by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and carried it’s own passport. T-rex also has a good head shot picture in his passport along with his very own signature! The signature contains his two claw strokes.

The dinosaur shared its journey with 250 other ordinary passengers. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to travel with such an extraordinary passenger.
As if being the best preserved dinosaur skeleton was not cool enough for t-rex, it is now flying higher than most of us!

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