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Did Rahul Play Pokemon Go All Night? Caught Napping In Lok Sabha!

Imagine you were busy playing mobile games all night and next day you have to go to work, What will you do, Rahul Gandhi has the answer now, Our Raga caught napping in Lok Sabha again today and we have the answers why?
If you are not living under a rock then by now you have heard about a game which has more users than instagram and twitter, where you have more chances to find a new partner than tinder, a game which encourages you to go outside for playing when your own mother called it quits after so many attempts, Yes we are talking about Pokemon Go,a game where you feel like Ash Ketcham and belives in motto ‘Gotta Catch em all’ , We believe that Rahul is also a latest user of the game.
So what made us to believe that our RaGa is also a fan of Pokemon Go, well the answer is simple since the game hits the Indian market how many rallies did Rahul Gandhi organise? answer is zero, In May Rahul took part in four rallies, in june he organised Anti-Drug Campaign in Pujnab but what happened in July, no rallies,no anti-modi tweets, no Congress has done everything for this country why, because he is too busy catching new pokemons in Pokemon Go, Why do the hectic work in the office when you can easily rule the world full of pokemons, right!
He looks disintrested now and also caught napping in the Lok Sabha, hey maybe his favorite pokemon is Snorlax( the pokemon who sleeps alot). Maybe Raga is just imitating the traits of his favorite pokemon.

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