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Did ‘NaMo’ became the reason for Breakup?

Sometimes things didn’t go according to your plan, even in the smoothest road you will find a hitch somewhere, well that ‘hitch’ is none other than our prime minister of India Narendra Modi in soon to be a married, Kanpur-based businessman and his hopefully future wife. The soon to be married couple decided to call off their wedding after a normal conversation about Modi government performance turned into a heated argument between the two. Apparently, the only thing left for their families is to settle down the marriage expenses issues. They decided to meet at a temple to finalize the arrangements. Everything was going smoothly and the conversation was flowing until one of them brought up the subject of the economic slowdown in the country.

The woman is a government employee and she thinks that PM Narendra Modi was responsible for the poor economic condition of our country, but the real problem arises when businessman turned out to be a die-hard Modi supporter. A heated discussion followed and the prospective bride and groom decided to part ways. They told their irrespective families about their decision. The Sad part is, their family want them to be together.

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