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Did Kejriwal Lie About Saving 350 Crores On Flyovers ?

Remember the famous Delhi Govt. ad where Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal proudly says that the government has saved over Rs 350 crore in building five flyovers across the national capital since the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) took charge in February 2015. Well it maybe isn’t true, acc. to CAG report. It all started when Arvind Kejriwal said on his inaugural interactive session “Talk to AK” that “There were some under construction flyovers in Delhi when we took over. We completed those projects before schedule and saved over Rs 350 crore. This was unprecedented. In our country, every government project is delayed by years. But we changed all of it,”

Thanks to congress leader Ajay Maken, now we came to know that Kejriwal big claims have some flaws too. The congress leader tweeted the actual CAG report file, where it is clearly written as there hasn’t any factual data available for them to verify it. In the Audit report it is mentioned that two out of three bridges were not yet completed, but they had been opened to traffic and the project saving is actually based on assessment and not on actual expenditure, And Kejriwal Government hasn’t informed the total cost of the balance works yet, so they are unable to verify their claims. In other words, though the Delhi government ads on TV may claim the big savings by Kejriwal and his team is applaud-worthy, but it hasn’t been proven by any credible sources yet, coz if they did, they have to add it on audit report too.

If that’s not enough, Arvind Kejriwal another big achievement of building dispensaries at just RS 20 lakhs, which earlier used to be made at around whooping 5 crores each, is also not true, Yes!. In response to audit query Director of Health Services stated that no new dispensary was constructed during 2015-16, thus there was no basis for comparison of cost of dispensaries built earlier and those who built now. And the funny part is, the relevant document submitted by Delhi Government to DIP (Directorate of Information and Publicity) didn’t have any material to justify their claims. We published an article some days ago, where we pointed out the dangerous effects of false promises of Advertising companies to general public, now we think Mr. Kejriwal should read it too. Just Saying.

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