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Delhi turns into Gas Chamber post diwali, Delhities lives are in huge danger.

Delhi on Wednesday morning witnessed severe level of air quality, marked with low visibility, even three days after Diwali. People are reporting breathing and respiratory problem also.
The reasons for this degradation have been attributed to smoke due to firecrackers and negligible wind speed to disperse the pollutants.
“The wind speed is zero, so is vertical wind speed according to Delhi weather department, And the bursting of cracker, apart from vehicle pollution and that from power plants added to it, It will all make life of delhities more dangerous and it will lead to lung cancer and several respiratory problems. I suggest Delhities to use mask to stay safe” Dr. Pradeep Sethi told exclusive to Newsleakcentre.

According to System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), the air quality index in Delhi on Wednesday touched the 500 mark, marked severe.

The next three days is forecast to be just as severe in the national capital, according to SAFAR.

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