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#JusticeForRinkuSharma – The young accused was chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ until death.

There has been an uproar in many states including Delhi over the murder of Brangrang Dal activist Rinku Sharma. At around 12 pm on Wednesday night, Rinku Sharma was attacked by the assailants in the back of the knife. Even after this, Rinku Sharma started shouting slogans of Jai Shri Ram even in an injured state. Raja Park police station and Sanjay Gandhi Hospital are just a hundred meters away from Rinku’s house. Despite this, his life could not be saved.

At the time of the incident, neither the police could get information about the case nor could Rinku’s life be saved in the hospital. In such a situation, people say that police stations and hospitals are always for emergencies. However, police officials say that no negligence has been taken by the police in the case. After the incident, the accused escaped by locking the house in the early hours of Thursday.

In such a situation, there is a fear atmosphere not only around the house of the accused but also in the entire street. In order to strengthen the security of the victim’s family, the people have demanded security force from the police.

Why this incidence took place:

According to the police, Rinku’s elder brother Manu Sharma had earlier registered a case under the Arms Act for an attempt to murder. But after Rinku’s death, the murder section has been added. 29-year-old Manu Sharma said that he lives in a block in Mangolpuri with his parents and two brothers. At home are father Ajay Sharma, mother Radha, elder brother Rinku and younger brother Ashu. Manu alleges that Danish alias Lali, Islam, Mehtab alias Natu, and Zahid alias Chingu live in the block just a short distance from the house.

There was a ruckus between Rinku and the four about the program in Ram temple park on Dussehra. Manu says that from the same day these people used to threaten Rinku.

Family members said that on Wednesday, a boy living in the area had given his birthday party in the mall of Sector-3 Rohini M2. At the same time, a youth living in the area had a dispute with the accused about something. He slapped the accused. The youth told Rinku about the incident. At that time the matter had somehow calmed down.

But the accused arrived at Rinku’s house. After Rinku’s murder, people suddenly became active on social media. Expressing his anger at her murder, he started talking about punishing the accused for death.

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