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Another soul shocker case in Hathras, A Man accused of Sexual Assault kills Survivor’s Father.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Hathras is now once again in limelight for yet another shocking incident.

A man whose daughter was sexually harassed was allegedly shot dead by the accused who was out on bail in 2018, with his associates in Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh.

In a heart-wrenching video that has emerged from Hathras District in Uttar Pradesh, the daughter of the deceased man is seen begging for justice as she alleges that her father was killed down by her harasser.

The daughter of the deceased man said that her father was shot by four people who fired him in the temple.

The girl said that her father had filed a complaint against Gaurav Sharma in 2018 on charges of molestation. Irked by this, Gaurav Sharma and three others on Monday evening shot her father after an argument over the case.

According to the police investigation the incident took place at around 4 pm in Maujpar Village in Sasni on Monday.

Sharing more information about the case, the Superintendent of Police, Hathras, Vineet Jaiswal said, “The deceased has been identified as Amrish Sharma. He had filed a case of molestation in July 2018 against the main accused Gaurav Sharma. After that Gaurav was arrested and sent to jail, who came out on bail after one month.’’

In 2018, Amrish Sharma had lodged an FIR against Gaurav Sharma on charges of “chedkhani” (molestation or eve-teasing), said Mr. Jaiswal. In July that year, Gaurav was sent to jail and was released on bail after a month, the officer added.

On Monday, when Gaurav Sharma‘s wife and maternal aunt had gone to a temple in the village for puja they got into an altercation with both the daughters of Amrish Sharma, who were already present there, over the previous sexual harassment incident, said the SP.

Enraged, Gaurav Sharma called some boys belonging to his family to the spot and fired at Amrish Sharma, said police.

On the complaint of the victim family an FIR has been registered Against the four accused.

In tears, Amrish Sharma’s daughter begged for justice. “Please give me justice,” she said with folded hands. “First he committed chedkhani with me. My father filed a case. And he shot my papa out of annoyance,” she said.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also directed officials to take strict action in the matter. He has also given directions to invoke National Security Act against all the accused involved in the case.

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