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Yuvraj Singh arrested for making castiest remark on Yuzvendra Chahal: Know More

Yuvraj Singh arrested for making castiest remark on Yuzvendra Chahal: Know More​

This comment by Yuvraj Singh created trouble for himself ; Know here
Yuvraj Singh passed casteist slur on Yuzuvendra Chahal which created a big issue of controversy. Read the full story to know more about it.

All rounder Yuvraj Singh was arrested on Sunday in Haryana’s Hisar district over his casteist comments inlet spinner Yuzuvendra Chahal. Hansi city police station registered a case against Singh. However he was immediately granted bail on orders of High court.

In a live chat with Rohit Sharma last year in June 2020 Singh was accused of making derogatory remarks about schedule casts targeting Chahal. Dalits activist filed a case against him under various sections.
But he was soon released on former bail by high court as court restricted police to act against the cricketer.

When his comment blew up on social media he apologized publicly and said he was ‘misunderstood’.

Former cricketer took his social media account and wrote “This is to clarify that I have never to believed in any kind of disparity, be it on caste, colour, creed or gender. I have given to continue spend my life for welfare of people. I believe on dignity of life and respect each individual without exception.”

The cricketer further said “I understand that while I was having conversation with my friends, I was misunderstood which was unwarranted. However, as responsible Indian I wanted to say that if I have unintentionally hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings I would express regret for the same .”

We usually see such people around us who hurts people’s sentiments and after that apologize for the same. According to Indian Constitution of anybody comments on lower sections of Indian society than he/she would be made to arrest.

Firstly as responsible Indian you should not comment on someone’s background whether it’s for fun or anything. As lower sections of Indian society had a very painful history regarding caste system. So in order to decrease such differences in society we should not pass on such comments that hurt anyone’s feelings.

By Line: Divya Thearia

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