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Couple built a giant sized bed to cuddle with their 8 dogs!

Pet lovers are the best people in the world.

Finding a spot to sleep in their own bed with their eight dogs for them was not possible, so they decided to build a giant sized bed for them. New York couple Chris and Mariesa Hughes knew they needed to find a solution to the sleepless nights caused by their eight pillow-hogging rescue dogs.

dog lovers

So the answer for their problem is “Megabed.”

The bed is 14 feet tall and 7 feet wide, which is double the size of your regular king-sized bed.

It took Chris six months to build the giant bed, A set of stairs for their older pups who can’t jump up on the bed and storage drawers throughout the wooden frame.

It also has hand-carved paw prints along the headboard that are based on their recently deceased dog, 16-year-old Bailey, who died last July.

Pet loving couple Chris and Mariesa loves their new bed, which is large enough for them to have their own space.

Both Mariesa and Chris said the bed has made them feel well-rested for the first time in years, but it might not last. Well we think ‘Megabeds’ are the new billion dollar idea!

giant sized bed

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