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Coldplay fans, you all owe a thanks to PM Modi for the November concert!

Coldplay is performing in India and everyone is going insane about it. The other fact which is driving people crazy is the rates for the concert tickets. But here’s some good news for all the Coldplay fans! If you too are a little disappointed by this fact, our own PM Modi will ‘fix you’!

Coldplay confirms their November 19th concert in Mumbai and hold on for this 80% of the fans will get tickets for FREE!
The Coldplay concert is a carefully cultivated event that was nurtured by some humanitarian groups and the Prime Minister’s Office and then adopted along the way by young parliamentarians like Poonam Mahajan.
It all began in September 2014 when the Prime Minister made an appearance at New York’s Central Park with Hollywood’s Hugh Jackman . That event was part of the Global Citizens’ Festival and Hugh Evans, the Chief Executive of the project managed to have a few words backstage with PM Modi. He spoke to the Prime Minister especially about his speech, which was about sanitation and building toilets for all.

The Prime Minister, said sources, liked the Global Poverty initiative because it involved youth and poverty, two aspects he’s passionate about and he gave his nod to do an event in India too. Thus began the involvement of the Prime Minister’s office, which has since carefully overseen preparations.

Mr Evans, who is an Australian, has tied up with Chris Martin of Coldplay to be their brand ambassador.

“We were very fortunate a few years ago when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came onstage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York, and then after that, we brought Chris Martin from Coldplay to Delhi to meet with the Prime Minister about a year and a half ago and we started working intensively on bringing Global Citizen to India” said Hugh Evans.
The November show will be a high powered event; even the launch announcement is being made by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and mega stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan.

Will PM Modi share stage with Chris Martin on November 20? Let’s all hope for some more surprises from the PM!

(Inputs from agencies)

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