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No Fear No Favour

Clinton supporters turn their backs on Hillary, but for obvious reasons!

Instead of turning heads at a recent campaign event in Orlando, the Democratic presidential candidate stood in front of a crowd in which every person’s back was facing her.

But it wasn’t because the throngs of people were unimpressed by the historic politician, who soon could become the country’s first female president — quite the opposite actually. Those with their backs to Clinton were merely trying to position themselves so they’d be able to snap a selfie with the presidential hopeful.

A picture of the moment taken by photographer Barbara Kinney was shared to Twitter Sunday evening by Victor Ng and has netted more than 10,000 retweets in addtion to hundreds of comments and likes.


“We are a self-absorbed bunch,” one person wrote in response to the image. Another tweeted:”That is hilariously sad. Yep, the way of the modern world.”

The selfie, often associated with Millennial’s , has been on the rise for a while now. It has yield no shortage of viral moments, ranging from Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity-filled 2014 Oscar selfie to Kim Kardashian’s scandalous naked bathroom picture. The reality television star has even published a book, “Selfish,” filled to the brim with her selfies.

Clinton — who has posed in the past with selfie queen Kardashian herself — following the fan photo-op, made her way through the crowd and took a couple of selfies of her own alongside her supporters.

We are self-ie obsessed generation after all, right!

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