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Chinese city hotels have banned Muslims?

Chinese city named Guangzhou hotels are not allowing visitors from Muslim countries like Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan. Acc. to reuters, Police have ordered some low-end hotels in the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou, not to allow guests from five Muslim-majority countries to stay, though China’s foreign ministry said it had never heard of the policy.

Cheap hotels where rooms costing about $23 a night said they had received police notices in early March, ordered them to turn away people from Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan. One hotel worker confirmed the news but even he has no knowledge about why such policy was made at first place. Though, no big hotels were asked to do such similar activities.

It was worth noted that all of the five countries have been a victim of terrorist attacks in the past few years, or countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have been in states of war.

However, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang denied the story and said he was not aware that such an order had been issued in Guangzhou or any place for that matter. “I’ve never heard that there is this policy being followed in China,” Lu told a national newspaper.

He also said “Moreover, as far as China is concerned, our policy in principle is that we encourage people from China and other countries to have friendly exchanges and are willing to provide various convenient policies in this regard.”

It seems that Pakistan ‘all weather friendship’ with China has some rainy clouds too, right?

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