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Cheer up internet freaks! Digital e-assessment technique will soon enter in Indian Education System

Colleges and universities are likely to be digitally evaluated for excellence in the near future. A team of experts has submitted a proposal on this to NITI Aayog recently.

The assessment plan has been submitted under the Atal Incubation Centre. It aims to move the current manual assessment of institutions and universities on education quality to a proposed digital e-assessment platform.
The current system of Indian Higher Education has many issues leading to a poor quality of the stakeholders’ experiences. Credibility of institutions and the education system is always debated
National-level assessment agencies like National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) lack the use of technology support for better quality assessments and deliverables to meet the large scale and tremendous volumes of data and information.

The proposal aims to do away with any instances of corruption in the assessment process and ensure its scalability. The online system will capture the learnings index, knowledge index, assessment and quality index at every institution based on the framework defined.

Experts say that digital assessment can help institutions tremendously. According to Prof Mariam Varghese, former vice chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, and an expert in digital assessment who had developed a model on this a decade ago, said to Hindustan Times, “Such as system will cover the entire nation which has a high number of HEIs. Since everything is quantified, it will also help curb corruption. Assessment can be done faster and at regular intervals and it will be more transparent.”

Regular assessment and accreditation is mandatory for colleges and universities in the country after notifications from the University Grants Commission. Institutions must have grading from NAAC to be eligible for UGC funding and for autonomy.

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