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Check your vehicles and surrounding before you are leaving

Sign-post for those who are in the habit of seeing animals around their vehicles during winters
Winters is the time is the to get inside is the to feel the warmth and stay away from cold we humans are in habit of doing it by wearing woolen clothes, sweaters or jackets and staying in the part of the house when the dark rises but what about the animals do you ever have thought what happens to them when they are disposed to cold without any protection how do they protect themselves. Today here we are going to make you know how animals protect themselves

1. Watch this cow feeling the warmth of the car engine to rescue her from cold.

2. This cute innocent bird is trying to save herself from air pressure.

3. These pigs are making better use of waste material.

4. Isn’t she is searching for a place to hide herself from cold.

5. Birds are getting gathered at the surface of floating River water to feel its warmth.

So guys if you see any animal taking shelter near your surrounding help them getting better secured rather than beating them or forcing them to rescue from your place because these animals are also the part of this ecosystem and don’t let them die of winters.

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