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Careful If You Don’t Wash Your Hands Properly: Amitabh Bachchan

To increase awareness about the Hepatitis disease, WHO, the Hepatitis Alliance and other organizations are using July 28 as official day to call for the elimination of this global disease and naming it as World Hepatitis Day. The theme of World Hepatitis Day this year is ‘Know hepatitis. Act now.’ And through it, the WHO calls on policy makers, local authorities, civil society, public, media and other stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage people to know hepatitis and act now. The vision of eliminating hepatitis as a public health threat can be achieved, if people and countries affected by this disease are better equipped and enabled to “know hepatitis” and “act now”.

And the best part is, our health ministry is also taking this initiative seriously, in their official twitter account the government tweeted about the diseases and some good preventions for the disease. The Ministry of Health started a new trend on twitter #KnowHepatitisActNow to inform more people about the disease and they got a big supporter for the initiative to, it’s none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Bachchan who in past, also suffered from Hepatitis B disease has retweeted one of the health ministry tweet about the hepatitis disease, and because Mr. Bachchan is the most followed person on twitter his one retweet make #KnowHepatitisActNow a top trend on tweet in just mere minutes, good job sir!

Earlier Ministry of health tweeted – If you think washing hands is a waste of time,think again. Hand washing with soap prevents Hep A infection #KnowHepatitisActNow #WorldHepDay, Mr. Bachchan retweet the following message with caption -I support this campaign. I am a sufferer. Amitabh Bachhan is a Unicef ambassador for Hepatitis B awareness programme and he was an acute patient of hepatitis B himself and had almost lost 75 percent of his liver due to late diagnosis of the disease.
What is hepatitis disease?

The simplest definition is that hepatitis is a liver disease that causes the organ to become inflamed. There are many kinds and causes, but the primary focus for World Hepatitis Day is viral hepatitis, especially types B and C (HBV and HCV). Both viruses are often transmitted through infected blood via unsafe injections and medical procedures or from mother-to-child at birth, and to a lesser extent, through sexual contact. HBV and HCV account for about 95% of hepatitis deaths. A staggering 400 million people are impacted by viral hepatitis each year, with approximately 1.45 million deaths. Unlike the relative success of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, the number of deaths related to this disease is actually growing.

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