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Card tricks that could help you win big this Diwali

Diwali is the time of festivities, fun, enjoyment, get-togethers. There are many people in India who look forward to this occasion as a brilliant opportunity to enjoy loads of games especially a favourite one – Teen-Patti.

Some play it for fun and some for money but whatever is the reason they are surely digging for tricks to ensure that they can be the winner.

Here is how you can emerge winner this Diwali by adopting following card tricks.

1. Know Your Cards:

Generally people start bidding without going through the cards, they say the game is based on luck. However there are maximum chances that you can win games by going though your cards before bidding. It will help you to understand the sequence and you can easily challenge your competitor.

2. Bid More And Be Confident

Be confident even if you have smaller cards. Try to be courageous and bid double. It will definitely create doubt in your opponent’s mind and maximise your chances to win the game. Your unpredictability and unexpected moves can help you in being the winner. You might be familiar that the legendary “3-2-5” came from this trick only!

3. Don’t Give Any Clue

Don’t give any signs or expressions that show you are nervous or inexperienced player. Your playmates can take advantage if they see any ups and downs in your behaviour. Hence, make sure that your body does not ooze out any secrets!

Avoid eye contact even if you panicky situation, it will help you to sweep the game without having stronger cards.

4. Play It Blind

Behave as being a fearless player even if you have smaller cards. many people try to avoid see the cards and follow their instinct. Start bidding with high amounts to make your opponent nervous. Many time it has been proved that opponents leave the table in a sense of fear and nervousness.

5. Pack-Up

In this scenario, you should have eagle’s eye on your opponents game. If you sense that rounds are not going in your favour, pack up or ask to show cards. Remember you have to be calculative and know when to call for pack up.

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