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Olympics Opening Ceremony Looked A Bit Like A Giant Vagina ? Twitter Blasted!

Well, this is definitely the most surprising part of the night. During the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony, some people noticed that certain photos of the arena look like a big giant vagina, thanks twitterati’s you guys are awesome. Yes it’s true Olympic arena does looks like a vagina. Clearly this was a complete accident, or the architectures had kinky minds, but hey, sometimes humans just see things in other things, and this time the setup inside an Olympic stadium looked like some so-called private parts.

For those who don’t know much about how Vagina looks like and why it resembles so much with Olympic arena, the inside of the arena was set up so that there was a long, pink strip running down the middle of it with people on either side, and something that from a certain angle looks like a clitoris, and if you add some visuals than the topic will take a whole different turn (Your dirty mind!).

Yes we know the opening ceremony is all about the Parade of Nations, and a celebration of the host country, and athletes getting their moment in the spotlight. But we are sure some of those athletes would also think this was pretty funny to look at these pictures. In a ceremony that was all about pushing boundaries, maybe this “certain look” was intentional.

Here are the photos of the Big Giant Vagina arena or better known as the wonderful Olympic stadium where dreams will come true. Judge yourself!

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