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Call Us ‘Thullas’ Or ‘Mamu’ All You Want But We Are The One Who Protect You!

By: Saket Sharma

Supreme Court on Wednesday asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to explain the term ‘Thulla’ which he used to refer Delhi Cops earlier, Court ordered Mr.Kejriwal to come clean on the next date of hearing on   24th August.

Well, the case is much more complex than it actually seen, as soon as the word comes in light by Mr. Kejriwal, both pro-slang/anti slang people are pretty vocal about  their stand in the issue. Those who think it’s a mere slang and used all the time to refer cops were in support of Mr. Kejriwal and others like Delhi Police and normal people called it a ‘Derogatory’ word.


One Sub Inspector, who worked in Delhi Police on the request of anonymity, tells News Leak Centre that, Kejriwal is not the first one who called us ‘Thullas’, we knew all the word people used this days, they call us ‘Mamu’, ‘Thullas’ or ‘Pandu’ , and other slang terms which i don’t even know the meaning honestly, Mr. Kejriwal and such people who call us ‘thullas’ should know a ‘Thulla’ like me work more than 9 hours to protect him, a ‘Thulla’ like me worked on a public holiday just to ensure there’s no violence starts in a religious rallies, ‘Mamu’ like me rescued 4 year old Khushboo and reunited with her Mother(or my sister). If me and my fellow colleagues are ‘Thulla’ than why most people come to us for their problems, isn’t by being ‘Thullas’ we should not do our job. It’s a derogatory statement and Mr. Kejriwal should avoid using this type of words.

Those who are in support of Kejriwal says Pandu, Thulla, Mama, have been doing the rounds for ages, so why is everyone talking about it today?
We in NewsleakCentre think that  There is no doubt that the slang like such as stated above are commonly used to describe police personnel, but still this is not the way to address anybody. The slang, of course, shows the offensiveness and informality. As a CM of state, he should re-consider each and every word and action, as they become the headings of newspapers next day. Being a respectable citizen, respecting every profession is everyone’s duty and this news became more specific because the target is not an individual but a community i.e. police force.

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